About Us

Bloodhound mantrailers, original art, and apparel—How did this happen?

Meet Boone, the Bounty Hunter.


This big boy, with his heart of gold and larger-than-life love of life, is the inspiration for BHD. He’s the one running, jumping, and bellering at the birds on the telephone wires, absolutely believing he’ll get ‘em in the next leap!

 What if we all lived like that?! Fully-confident that if we just run a little harder, jump a little higher, nothing is out of reach!

When he joined the family at 12 weeks old, he was just a lump of skin and joy. I named him Boone, and registered him as DL’s Bounty Hunter, not really examining the words more than superficially…

But as time passed, I laughed and admired this boy’s beautiful heart, and I came to realize that he couldn’t have been named more perfectly: Boone means good. And the original definition of bounty was goodness or virtue. Quite truly, he is “Good, the Goodness Hunter.” And this dark liver hound set me on a path to pursue—with greater fervor than ever before—the goodness and beauty in life…and to find inspiration in the little things, like birds, breezes, sunshine…and just plain happiness.

These are the other family members who are an integral part of the BHD team and inspiration.



Each of them is trained in mantrailing, highly scent-discriminate, and dutiful in their work. We are active with our local Sheriff's Dept. SAR (Search & Rescue) and ever-ready to help someone in their day of need. (For more information about working bloodhounds, mantrailing, and more, visit the Blog!)

When the pack is napping, that’s when the creativity starts happening in the studio! Each and every design you will find on a BHD garment is original, copyrighted artwork you can’t get anywhere else. 

It is my hope that you find something here at BHD that you love, and that every time you wear it, you find yourself and others smiling. 

Every moment is a gift, and there is always goodness in life…you just have to go after it!